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Vaein theme threeThe Switched Perspective

Gathering andrognyPhotoshoot one

Models: Eleanor Amor

Styling: Eleanor Amor

Photography: Nicole Wenn

Clothes worn by Lincoln, Eleanor and Jonno are all stylist’s own.

The placement of our roles in the day to day relies upon a certain kind of performativity, a drama of character that rests highly on the way we dress. Gendered clothing like playsuits, dresses, skirts and adorned shirts are considered the playthings of a female world. However, the casual switch from one body to another, where the garment is ill fitted but appropriate for transformation, is what “the switched perspective” is all about. Clothes can construct a character that revolves around singular sexualities and identities: a colour can turn a person virginal or succubus-like, or it could make them seem like a mother and a father, or a teen on the verge of blossoming.

For the shoot the intention was not to associate gender with power, but to make the viewer uncomfortable with the hyper exaggerations of performativity in everyday life. If someone born as a man decides to take power from a standard of powerful women, how is that something for us to question? Maybe straddling the unknown is how we create power, by distorting the gaze of a viewer, confusing them and giving us the upper hand. 

Taking place in and outside a spacious warehouse, the aesthetic portrays something of a seemingly post-apocalyptic haven, a future where the roles have shifted and the importance placed on a one-dimensional gender binary is gone. The feminine identities explored in this set range from boyish to womanly to girlish to manly - and yet together, it creates a blur of something indistinct. Girls in boys rooms shift nonchalance about living environments into something greater. In fact, our gender identity is built more by the character we exhibit through our rooms than in the clothes we wear in public.


Azmarie Livingston | ANTMC18 British Invasion

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Photographer TOMASZ HACZYK PHOTOGRAPHYMuse Gosia MichałowskaStylist Tomasz Haczyk


Muse Gosia Michałowska
Stylist Tomasz Haczyk


Female model. Tomboy model.


Alexander Wilhelm Bekker



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